CW H.S. Program


Advertising today should reflect the world it’s living in. My colleague and I saw this disparity between the workforce in our office and the city we live in, so we created an internal program to give Detroit high school students access into the advertising world, an industry most of them didn’t know about, let alone know it was a career path they could take in their own city.

We invited students from local high schools, Cass Tech and Communication and Media Arts, for a Career Day and welcomed back interested students to enroll in Commonwealth’s first-ever summer Job Shadowing program.

Co-founder/Lead Program Co-ordinator with LaShonda Allen.
Special shout out to our boss volunteer extraordinaires, Danielle Denha & Rani Lee.
Shout out to all the CW employees that volunteered their time and expertise as well as the 2018 CW Interns for all of their help!


Career Day consisted of a brief overview of the industry, a tour of the agency and its departments, as well as inviting leaders to talk about how they found their way into advertising. We also gave the students a Project Brief which they all had to pitch to a panel of CW employees.


During the summer Job Shadowing program, we rotated the students within each department, paired them up with employees, and had a debrief after each day to gain insight on what they learned. We also held Lunch & Learns that were led by employees, which covered important trends and topics in the industry.


At the end of the 5-week program, the interns helped us organize a surprise Graduation Party, where each student was given a unique award based on their personality and all of the things we learned about them during our time together.


This is only the beginning and we hope to invite more schools and expand the program to more agencies in the following years. To find out more about the CW Job Shadowing program, visit our site at https://www.cwjobshadowing.com/