A digital hub for all things small to help promote Chevy's small car line-up of Spark, Sonic, and Trax. The goal was to create an experience that would show these small cars in a fun and weird way to promote the mantra, "less is more." The site was a part of a fully integrated campaign that included out of home murals and OLA.

This fully responsive and interactive site was made in collaboration with a bunch of talented folks: Funny or Die helped produced a mini video series featuring Al Madrigal called 'Small Talk,' the Judge John Hodgman podcast and Maximum Fun recorded a fun Chevy sponsored episode based on all car related disputes, Former Co. helped us produce an intimate concert with The Kickstand Band inside a Chevy Sonic, and all of this was housed in amazing site developed by our friends at Wildlife, who also helped us realize a fully live action based quiz that involved a great art department, an amazing cast and crew, and a wacky drawing experience that lets you customize your small car.

Role: Concept/Ideation, Initial design phase, Lead Art Direction.
Copywriter extraordinaire: Greg Heaney